Happy Teachers Cook
  • Happy Teachers Cook

    What if we could transform our world through food?  Living not only longer lives, but better lives rich in purpose and connectivity? In this course, we’ll look at how food can improve health, the environment, and our connections to one another.  You’ll learn how to integrate more nutritious foods in your daily routine and tips for sharing this knowledge with students, family and friends. Finally, you’ll learn how to assemble healthy and delicious recipes.

    • Optional: Adams State University Credit

      *Optional Adams State University credit after the class ends (additional $165). 

    • Class Code

      Schoology course code is emailed after payment.  

    • ASU Adjunct Professor: Juliette Britton

    • Testimonials

      “All the great recipes that were provided as well as the ones the other student's shared in the discussions. I also loved seeing the instructor in her kitchen as she was showing us exactly what to do and what to buy! It was so helpful”

      “Juliette's enthusiasm for the topic made me excited to try new dishes. It was also a good reminder that healthy food doesn't have to be flavorless or boring. I actually got excited about cooking and trying new recipes!”

      “The expectations and content were clearly communicated, and assignments meaningful. I feel that my time was well spent!”

      “Information was very well presented. I felt comfortable and not judged when it came to sharing healthful ideas. Juliette is a nutritionist, but she is also real about life.”