Effective Strategies for Long-Term Weight Management
  • Effective Strategies for Long-Term Weight Management

    Are you looking to lose or maintain a healthy weight? You will design a personal weight management plan that will improve your energy levels, enhance your overall health, reduce the risk of chronic illness, and boost immunity so you can live your best life.  

    • Optional: Adams State University Credit

      *Optional Adams State University credit after the class ends (additional $165). 

    • Class Code

      Schoology course code is emailed after payment.  

    • ASU Adjunct Professor: Juliette Britton


    • Testimonials

      “I loved the resources provided. I found the dip recipes to be so helpful for consuming more veggies. I also loved the tips for organization with my pantry and fridge.”

      “I came away with a plan to start my health journey! Learned so much about weight management that I am excited to continue what I learned”

      “This is the third class I have taken from this instructor. I like the resources, recommendations and science behind what it teaches. It also helps me stay motivated on my way to a healthier life.”